Wordless Wednesday-Angry Baby Model

I was trying to get Claire to model some new head bands I am working on and hope to put on Etsy soon, but out of no where she went from so happy to be out in the sun to "Mommy, don't you dare take my picture again or I will scream!"

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  1. Awww! Bless her heart! LOL They can't be "on" all the time, right?

  2. Oh no, don't you cry little one...
    She is adorable and so is that head band.
    Take Care!!

  3. hahaha! See, the above comments are so cute and sweet and I just laugh at that little sad/angry face. So funny.

    1. Claire is very expressive. She learned to make her lower lip tremble when she was upset starting at a very young age and if you make her made her face turns red.


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