ABC Mouse

A bit ago, I signed Coryn up for ABC Mouse a site with games and activities for preschool kids.

Before ABC Mouse Coryn loved to play on her computer games but her options were Nick Jr. which has a lot of time wasting, non-educational content (she mostly ends up watching the video clips) or Shepherd Software which has some good learning content but she tends to click on ads that lead her off site and a lot of the games require reading to truly master, and we aren't quite there yet.

ABC Mouse is ad free and well designed for a child who likes to click on EVERYTHING. Major account changes require a password so the adult is in charge of the learning level and important settings. The site provides lesson plans with activities tailored towards the grade you select for your child (or children, you can set it up for more than one student) or you can tailor specific lessons by going to the dashboard. Kids earn "tickets" for completing activities which they can spend on clothing and pets for their "avatar" or toys for their house or accessories for their hamster cage. Yes, they have an online hamster cage.

The site isn't perfect. There are still some things that I consider time killers. Coryn will zone out in front of the previously mentioned hamster cage and just watch her digital pets skitter up and down the tubes sometimes, for instance. Sometimes she'll do puzzles and games that are meant for lower levels which I know are completely effortless for her. . . though I've also seen her struggle through games that required a sight word proficiency that she hasn't mastered simply because she really wanted to play that game. 

If you think your child might be interested, they are constantly offering free thirty day trials which, as long as you cancel the account before the 30 days are up, shouldn't cost you anything. We signed up on a trial and ended up staying. The link at the beginning of this review should get you to one such offer which has the added benefit (for me, sorry) of being a referral for our account which will credit us free game time if you choose to sign up at some point.

I would be happy to answer any specific questions about ABC Mouse if you address them to me in the comments.