Cara Box Reveal

This is my third month participating in the Cara Box exchange but due to some apparent lost in mail issues only my second box I have ever received. I do really enjoy making up the boxes and tailoring it best I can to what is going on at that particular time and place with my partners, though. This month Mandee with Life, Chaos, and Quotes sent me a box while I sent a box to Amanda at Faith*Love*Strength (Technically they are both Amandas and at least in my head their blog names are similar so it is a wonder I didn't accidentally send the box to the wrong one . . . at least I hope I didn't. . . if I did . . .I'm not going to think about that now. They'll tell me if I messed up, right?).

I should mention that Mandee has an Etsy shop with some stunning, unique jewelry. Check that out here.

The theme was Green and Mandee went out of her way to find recycled items that fit the bill.

Upcycled packaging change purse.

Water bottles reincarnated as pens.

A book on the subject for my girls.

Do you think she hand shredded all this packaging? I like to think she was up all night with little scissors and if I pieced them together there would be a message for me.
Also, aren't these classy?

A bright, canvas tote, for shopping I'm assuming, though I have a feeling Coryn will hijack it. She loves these sort of colors.

Thanks, Mandee!


  1. I LOVE that change purse. I saw these "after" I sent my box out and wished I had seen them before.

  2. Looks like a fun book for kiddos!

    Jennifer @


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