Old Navy T-Shirts: Review

For starters, I noticed on my blogger page when I logged on to make this post that I'm at 19,999 page views that means if even one person glances at any page of my blog during the typing of this I will have passed 20k page views! WOW! Pretty awesome. I'm not a high traffic blog, obviously, so these landmarks still get me excited.

OK, now for the official disclaimer: I received two vouchers, one for me and one for a friend, for two (per voucher) free Old Navy t shirts which is how I received the items I am "reviewing." There has been no other compensation, but yeah, FREE SHIRTS! WOOHOO!

This is one of many Old Navy promotions I have been involved in through Crowdtap, an online survey site. I've tried a lot of survey sites, but in my experience Crowdtap takes up the least amount of time and still has decent rewards. Rather than in depth surveys that take a half hour a piece to fill out you are mostly answering "quick hits" which take only a few minutes to get through and participating in discussions where I have space to give real input on the brands and products. 


There are many different brands represented, but Old Navy by far is my favorite.

Recently we have been trying to "budget." We aren't in financial trouble, but we are out of the Iwakuni bubble and have house payments and electric bills for the first time in our marriage. The way military housing works you can either have the on base housing where all that is "free" or you can have the housing "allowance" and you can pay for it off base yourself. We've always just done the military housing before, so even though his paycheck now has the extra padding of that housing allowance which is enough to cover the mortgage payment and some of the utilities, for the first time we are paying our own bills and actually have some debt to our name (well, there was a car loan during the first year or so of our marriage but we paid that off really quickly, before Coryn was born, I believe.). The main thing, though, about Iwakuni was there weren't a lot of options for anything or what options there were were cripplingly expensive. We were limited to the handful of (almost exclusively fast food) restaurants on base or Japanese eateries that were very expensive and not my husband's favorites. There are limited stores with American sizes and brands available, and since I didn't drive in Japan, almost all my shopping was online which tends to cut back on boredom or impulse buys.

Here we've been spending a lot more.

Which is one reason why I really love free stuff. I also love the % off coupons I am always getting in my email from Old Navy. I love when they do "super cash" and I find their styles are just the right mix of practical and fun for me to go a little bit crazy, especially in the clearance section.

That said, I always have a hard time finding a friend for the sample and share. This time I literally gave my other free voucher away to a stranger. Our kids were playing together in the waiting room of my optometrist when I was waiting to pick up a prescription and I thought, "I need to give this to someone before it expires" so I said, "Hey, do you ever shop at Old Navy?" Hopefully, she uses it. I'm so bad about this. I guess I just don't know a lot of people.

Anyway I went with a vintage tee. It is just so crazy soft that you want to sleep in it. Plus I like v-necks and these aren't ridiculously dramatic, though I still will probably end up wearing a camisole underneath for the most part.

I went with green and lavender (Coryn picked out lavender for me), though they also had a faded, blue color that looked like old school denim and some cool stripes and logo tees that were tempting.

I went with green because of the first Old Navy I ever really shopped at, across from the Barnes and Nobles where I worked when Matt and I had first got married. At the time I didn't think I preferred green. I liked blue and thought I looked best in red so those were my two go to colors, but I picked up a green shirt there on sale one day and Matt was impressed for whatever reason.

"That shirt looks good on you. I've never seen you wear green before," he said, or something like that, this was six years ago.
"Well, I don't really like green," I explained.
"Well, green likes you," he said.

Since then I've kind of been on the hunt for green shirts. Old Navy has this color most frequently, the green that started it all, I call it.

For me, whose go to outfit is a pair of jeans, my boots, a camisole, and a v neck tee this was the perfect sample and share. So yeah, these are my favorite shirts even when they aren't free.

On another note, while we were there shopping Coryn kept finding things that SHE wanted and they do have a lot of cute kids clothes, but Coryn's current wardrobe is huge; she seriously has more clothes than the other three occupants of this house combined, so I said no. She went into a pout in the dressing room.

"I never get new clothes," she said.

"I just got you a pretty dress for Easter, so it is hard to feel sorry for you," I said. She stopped pouting, but for the rest of the trip any time I complained about anything (or even when I wasn't complaining, but just speaking) she would look at me with her stern face and say, "Mom, it's hard to feel sorry for you."

"Claire is getting heavy . . ."
"Mom, it's hard to feel sorry for you."

"It's time to go; Claire is getting fussy."
"It's hard to feel sorry for you."

"Coryn, hurry up and watch out for cars."
"It's hard to feel sorry for you."

Kids are such sponges.