Pasta Fun

Today was a day for pasta play!  

The youtube video linked above is part of a longish play time I had with Claire this afternoon. I admit to being a little bit lost with babies. I've had two. They still confuse me a little. I still look at them and beg to know, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" If they are sleeping, great. They are adorable and cuddly. If they are happy and staring at something, awesome, but it is so hard to actually play with them.

Claire is finally getting to the age where we can play! 

So today I was getting frustrated with her because she had two "settings," crying because I wasn't giving her the specific sort of undivided attention she desired (which as usual I was completely lost about) or pulling every single piece of Tupperware out of the drawer and scattering it all  over the floor to be contaminated by German Shepherd hair (which is everywhere on everything that isn't shrink wrapped around here). 

So, I took her and some of the Tupperware and a handful of pasta (of the options in my pantry it seemed the best size for what I had in mind) and we played for about twenty minutes, an eternity in baby time, picking up pasta, putting it down, emptying containers, filling containers, etc.

Afterwards, since our  floor time activity had rendered the pasta unfit for human consumption, I decided to go for macaroni jewelry. I've never actually done this with my girls before, even though Coryn loves that kind of thing, mainly because she has always had a fairly good collection of real beads so it seemed silly to make our own. Still, I called her down to help me dye the pasta. She enjoyed selecting the colors. She is very proud of her knowledge about secondary verses primary colors and color mixing, so we had to mix our colors up (hence the orange, purple, and green). I used a tutorial I found (via Google) on Many Little Blessings, though being me, I didn't actually measure anything, just sort of eyeballed it . . . yeah, I am physically incapable of being precise. I found that the dry times listed weren't necessary. It only took about an hour for our pasta to be dry enough to handle (as you can see from the photo, we laid it out on paper towels. Maybe that helped.). All in all, an awesome use of pasta, if I say so myself.

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