Reaching for the Stars: Preschool Science

Stars, by Coryn

My daughter has an interest in space. Almost all her artwork is "space" themed, be it stars or aliens or planets. From a very young age she could recognize space ships (on my Voyager dvds for instance) and as I have mentioned before, she loves to watch Doctor Who with me. I recently had an epiphany that this is my chance to make science fun and cool for her, so I googled the best preschool and kindergarten books to teach kids about space and started looking them up to see if they were locally available at my library. Disappointingly, only two or three of them were, but Coryn was still excited when I told her we were going to the library to pick up books about space!

One highly recommended book which was available was Moonshot. This is the lyrical but factual tale of the Apollo 11 missions. It is beautifully illustrated and while informative, still reads like a story.

We also got a selection of "pure fiction" books on the subject. Her favorite is Mooncake, about a bear who wants to taste the moon,

though Zathura was also a big hit. I didn't prefer Zathura. The illustrations are good, but the writing and story aren't what I consider greatShe keeps asking to hear it, though.

I preferred Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me,  but Coryn has not asked to re-read it, so apparently it isn't a favorite.

One book that she surprised me by asking to hear more than once was Stars.

This National Geographic book was not on recommended lists, but they only had two or three of the recommended ones available, so I had to improvise (the rest I just found by searching the library data base for anything space related).  I was concerned it was too informational for Coryn, but apparently it is right at the level it needs to be for her to absorb information and she really likes to look at the pictures.

Dwarf Planets, however, erred on being a little too factual and not enough fun. She listened to it once, but no read again requests were forthcoming.

And while I really like Look at the Moon, which is a long poem about the moon, not scientific at all, Coryn keeps telling me she doesn't want to read it.

So that was my quickly put together "unit study" on Space. I am hoping it spurs an interest in science that will match her thirst for science fiction. She has already mentioned being an astronaut at least once this week, so we will see.