Back to "normal"

Those quotation marks mean that normal is being used ironically, not that I'm emphasizing how normal everything is. Quotation marks are not for emphasis, people. That's what italics are for.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we were on a vacation of sorts over the last few weeks, back home to visit family, so my blog as been mostly dark. Like Into Darkness dark.. . omgosh, if I don't find a baby sitter so I can watch the new Star Trek movie I swear I'm going to go crazy and sit outside in my Starfleet costume flashing people the live long and prosper sign while mumbling unintelligibly in Klingon, which, since I don't really speak Klingon, is the only way I know how to mumble in Klingon. . .

you see why normal is in quotation marks?
So there is a lot to do around here from dealing with the loss of the basil plant I swore I told Matt to water for me (he says I never mentioned owning a basil plant) to catching up on television to looking into epublishing for my few finished novels (including one you can read in full here for free right now; if I decide to publish it, it will go away so get it while you can) and a bunch of other stuff.

I also have to choose whether or not to cut down an encroaching vine that has snaked its way across my kitchen window.

My neighbor has mentioned how hard it is to keep these off the side of the house, but I sort of like how they make it look overgrown and enchanted garden-y. Besides, if it grows into a beanstalk their might be a golden harp in it for me.

Oh, and Claire has learned to climb. She pushed her sister's stool over to get something off the kitchen counters yesterday. She then climbed up onto her sister's chair and from there onto the table top and is using my chair to get sharpies off the desk. This was not an issue with Coryn. Coryn was a cautious climber and rarely tried her luck on anything that could involve a fall. Claire is apparent a risk taker.

While I was in Oregon I got a lot done on my Choose Your Own Adventure story, and some of it I'm rather proud of. Take a look if you get a chance. 

I have a lot of posts I would like to make about:
some note cards I ordered from another blogger's Etsy account,
crochet stuff I've been doing,
a Liebster award I've been nominated for,
the Stash Tea Cup I ordered way back in January that turned into a very long story. . .

and there must be more . . .

There is probably more, but right now I should probably focus on getting my house and schedule back to how it should be.

I'll be writing more soon. I promise!