I HAD to buy this ice cream. It was on sale!

Coryn: Daddy, that's mean! The police are going to find you!

 Today is just another reminder of why I shouldn't wear white.

Coryn told me tonight that when she grows up I can come over to her house, she will cook me dinner, and I can have soda and wine. I'm kind of looking forward to this.

Mom lesson of the day: just because a skirt appears to be a "practical length" in the safety of the dressing room and even if you practiced sitting on the dressing room bench in front of the mirror to check it for wardrobe malfunction potential, does not mean that it is a practical skirt for various daily activities such as crawling on your hands and knees under the table to fetch toys.

I just realized I am a Facebook fan of too many things Coryn likes. I can't scroll down the page without her saying, "Go back! That was the Doctor! Mom, stop! That picture's from the Princess Bride! Mom! That's Shawn and Gus! Can I watch that video?"  

Coryn while I was changing Claire's diapers: Pray to God that I won't have a nose! 


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