Coffee Almonds? Yes, please!

This morning I peeked into my daughter's room and found her sleeping like this:

I feel like that most mornings.

Because of that when I see anything labeled "coffee" be it ice cream, scented candles, or actual coffee, I'm immediately interested.

Now, I should right off that I don't usually promote products. I'm not a big product evangelist. Like my hero, Shawn Spencer, if I'm not getting paid for it, I don't usually wear the logo (though he did wear that Apple Jacks shirt. . .). However, it must be the caffeine talking because I am completely hyped up over this product I just found and purchased (with my own money, not even a coupon) and am getting nothing in return for talking it up.



I was in the nut section getting some cashews for a cashew chicken stir fry I make occasionally, and this cute little bag caught my eye. They were kind of a splurge item. This four ounce bag was $2.19 and while it says there are four servings inside, I'm going to eat them all in one sitting (perhaps why my typo rate is higher than usual today. Backspace is getting a workout.). I didn't even realize at first they were caffeinated. I just thought they were coffee flavored which was enough to draw me in. When I tasted the first one I thought, "Omgosh! Best almonds ever!" Then I read the back which says that 1 oz of these is the equivalent (caffeine wise) of two ounces of coffee. Who just drinks two ounces of coffee? It comes in tall, grande, venti for a reason.. .  (12, 16, 20oz for those of you who aren't former Starbucks employees or big time coffee drinkers. . .even people who order coffee regularly are still confused about tall being "small," in my experience, but it is because in Europe, or so I was told by a former boss, coffee usually comes in much smaller containers, so the sizes over there were "tall" which is our 12oz and "short" which is something smaller than 12oz, I'm not even going to fathom that.).

So where was I?

Oh, yeah, coffee almonds, by Blue Diamond, are awesome.

Serving suggestion size isn't kidding anyone. Eat the whole bag.

I'm really hyper right now.

Hyper hyper hyper.