Drawing With Your Hands: Preschool Art

Last week we went to the library and started participating in the Summer reading program. You are supposed to fill in a square on the chart they give you for every day you read at least fifteen minutes (or are read to, since both my girls are pre-readers) and also whenever you are in the library you can roll one of their large dice which gives you a special assignment. Claire got "read a fantasy book" and Coryn got "read an arts and crafts book."

So I took some time out to browse the arts and crafts section and came up with the book linked above: Drawing With Your Hands.

The ideas in this book are simple, nothing you wouldn't be able to see on pinterest or figure out on your own. In fact, after trying a few of the animals in the book, Coryn came up with her own idea for some "hand art" and made a tree.

Simplicity aside, she did get a lot of inspiration from seeing all the different animal shapes in one spot and we took turns tracing each others' hands and coloring them in to be different animals. She also labeled a lot of them which was good for her early writing/spelling skills. 

The following are some pieces of art work she did:

I only was able to find used ones on Amazon, so I'm guessing the book itself is out of print, but if you can get a hold of a copy it definitely sparked some fast and furious art production around here.