Sensory Play: Flour and Cookie Cutters

Today Coryn was across the street is playing with the neighbors so it was just myself and Claire (and a dog and a cat and a boring beta fish). We read some stories, but after awhile I decided I need to find something she would get her more involved. My first thought, after walking around the kitchen for awhile, was to get out my set of plastic cookie cutters.

It is a cool set, lots of different colors, shapes, and sizes, and for awhile we pretended they were hats, stacked them, wore them as bracelets, and generally examined them. Then I decided that if we were going to have fun we needed to get messy, so I got about a quarter cup of flour and a cookie sheet and we got down to business.

At first Claire just wanted to rub her hands in it, taste it, and throw it around, but then I showed her how to make marks in it with the cookie cutters and draw in it with her fingers.

Fun times, Claire; fun times.