Tea Party by Coryn

"Mom, can we have a tea party?"

I'm not a girly girl, so moments like these, rather than being what I dreamed of when I thought of staying-at-home with my girls, often give me pause (playing with dolls and doing hair, also weak points). I'm not particularly good at or excited about games like dress up and parties and my pretend play is only likely to involve princesses if there are also dragons. That's just how I'm wired. 

But today Coryn asked and I said, okay, we can make some tea, got my Japanese tea set down, and set the kettle on the stove. While I waited for the water to boil, I started to sweep the wooden floors in the dining and living room area.

"Mom, can we have treats with our tea?" Coryn asked. 

"We really don't have any treats," I said, which was true. Shopping day for me is Monday. By Saturday  everything good is gone and all that remains is staples and a few vegetables. I also don't buy a lot of "treats" because if they are in the house I will eat them,and I just slipped into a pair of size twos for the first time since high school. Not to be deterred, she started poking around the fridge and cabinets. 

She had me pick out my cup (the tea set has four matching cups but they are matching only in style, not in pattern; each is a little bit different, which I like) and asked for napkins.

"We have paper towels," I said. 

"I guess I can use those," she said. "Can you get them for me?" 

"Why don't you get them?"

"I can't reach."

"Use your stool."

"Oh! Good idea!"

So she got two paper towels and having rediscovered her stool, I soon heard a lot of clinking and clanking coming from the kitchen.

"Be careful in there!" I ordered, wondering what she was getting into.

"Don't worry. I know everything about tea," she informed me.

I soon found out that the clanking was her getting dishes out for the snacks she managed to find. Broccoli, apples, and carrots. It was a very healthy tea party.

This late in the week, she is lucky we even had apples.

I poured the water into the tea pot over a bag of peppermint tea, and swept a little more while we waited for it to cool. Then we sat. Coryn informed me that I had to hold my fingers like this (pinky up):

which, believe it or not, she learned from Sponge Bob. . . Yeah, pinky up is "fancy" according to Patrick Star.

We took some "bonding" selfies towards the end and drank up all our peppermint tea, so as tea parties go, it wasn't half bad. 


  1. I am loving the tea party action! And it's hilarious that she learned the pinky thing from Spongebob.

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  2. I love tea parties! Me and my girl have them from time to time. She has her own mini tea set, and loves to serve tea to friends and stuffed animals alike! Sweet!


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