Tooth Fairy Time

Today Coryn lost her first tooth.

Of course, being Coryn, she did so in her own unique way. The tooth was loose for a couple of weeks but lingered long enough that the "big girl"tooth came in behind the baby one before it fell out. I never remember that happening with me. I remember having gaps and holes in my mouth for weeks on end after the tooth fell out before, finally, tooth 2.0 would appear. From certain angles you can't even tell Coryn is missing a tooth; it just looks as if one of her teeth is slightly shorter than the others.

She wanted to show her friends across the street the tooth (I gave her a box to put it in) right away, but it was after  nine by this point, so I convinced her that it could wait. I wrote out a quick note to the toothfairy on her behalf and told her to sign it and up it under her pillow so that if the toothfairy came tonight she would know to come back tomorrow.

I'm trying to figure out some sort of cutesie "note from the toothfairy" to sneak in there tonight. Wish me luck.