Tried a new show this week

I don't watch a lot of reality televsion. I enjoy Masterchef and America's Got Talent, but mostly I prefer scripted television with actual stories to people behaving like idiots in order to get their fifteen minutes of fame. However, I was really intrigued when I heard about "Whodunnit." It's basically a murder mystery dinner party game as a reality television series. The guests are staying at a mansion, complete with a creepy butler named Giles, and one by one their "murders" are staged while the remaining guests try to find clues to how it happened in order to survive. One of them is supposedly also the murderer so they have to guess at that as well, but at the rate of one murder/elimination per show, I imagine they are saving that for nearer the end.

I was intrigued. I like campy murder mysteries. I watch Psych, Castle, and CSI. Murder+Humor is my morbid bread and butter as far as television is concerned. . . However,  I was so disappointed in this show.


From the way the people talk and act about getting eliminated, you'd think the murders were actually real for one thing.

Several contestants are bragging about criminology or law enforcement backgrounds.

No one is ever in "character."

No one is having any fun with this.

What would I do if I were a contestant?

Well, the first thing I would do is approach  it as if I were in the middle of an Agatha Christie novel or a themed episode of Psych, rather than CSI or a show that wants you to take it seriously. The murderer is leaving clues in the forms of riddles. This isn't going to be solved by DNA and ballistics. Who cares if you have a degree in criminology?

The second thing I would do is realize that, if one of the contestants really is a murderer, he is both an actor and a plant, so the secret to solving "Whodunnit" is not so much in the clues as in getting to know your fellow contestants and figuring out who is lying about their back story.

The third thing, get a pair of sunglasses, take them off every time I make a discovery and pair it with a bad pun (this mansion is to die for) then do the CSI: Miami yell.

The fourth thing, get a deerstalker hat and start speaking in a bad English accent, call myself Lady Eugenia Victoria Pemmingsworth the Fifth.

I'd probably get kicked off/killed for not taking it seriously, but heck, I'd have a lot of fun instead of sitting there at elimination crying because I might be the  next to have to pretend to be dead while the others continue on without  me. Missed opportunity, cast and crew of Whodunnit. Seriously.