How to get Claire to Eat . . .

Claire has always been a difficult eater. Coryn is a bottomless pit. Coryn needs five snacks and four meals a day other wise she is doubled over on the floor moaning that she is too weak to go on. With Coryn "you won't get anything else until you finish your vegetables" is a serious threat and she will generally cave to it rather than face the dreaded hunger monster.

Claire could care less.

Claire feeds 90% of her meal to the dog, rubs 5% of it all over her body, and I like to think that she actually ingests the remaining 5% but some days I have my doubts.

She never ate baby food. She went straight from breast milk only to table foods (though she is still on the boob two or three times a day even now). This is mainly because she always wanted to hold the spoon. She always insisted on feeding herself.

I found out recently that she is a fan of yogurt. It is the first food I have seen her reliably eat a large portion of in one sitting (if you don't count "treats." She is a big fan of ice cream as well, but I try to avoid giving her that for most meals).

This evening Matt was too tired to eat which was good because I was too tired to cook, but we did have a decent amount of left overs. Coryn was coming off her fourth snack of the afternoon and Claire had just gotten up from her afternoon nap, so I figured neither of them would be hungry, so I warmed myself up some lasagna and sat down to eat. Claire toddled over and started whining for food. Even though she is not a big eater, she is a ridiculously impatient customer when she finally decides that she wants some food. I left my lasagna on the table and went in search of something I thought she would eat. We had some chicken and chickpeas which I thought she might like (she thinks chickpeas are fun to eat. . . and throw), so I started warming some up for her. The sound of fork against plate drew me back to the dining room and that's when I found this:

Apparently stolen lasagna tastes better.

I thought, okay, whatever, I guess I'LL have chicken and chickpeas then.

Claire was so proud of herself for being in a big person chair with a big person fork that she stayed in one place and ate quite a lot of lasagna (though she also spread quite a lot of it all over the table and her face and as always Caen got a substantial helping.).

After a bit she decided that chicken and chickpeas looked like a lot of fun so she reached for my plate.

Caen is Claire's devoted follower during meal times
She ended up stealing several of my chickpeas, eating one or two but just moving the rest onto her plate to play with. Chickpeas are fun food (apparently.).

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