(not really) Wordless Wednesday: My Sevenly Shirt

Every so often I buy myself something from Sevenly. I've gotten two much beloved shirts that way, both of which raised money for causes I support. This shirt (which says in small print "Help girls in China" and then in large print "Live Life") and supports All Girls Allowed, a charity that aids women in China dealing with the terrible conditions brought about by the one child policy there.

I also have a shirt for the adoption charity, Show Hope (Christian musician Steven Curtis Chapman's foundation).

They've recently also begun to carry adorable soft toys from Jellycat. I was already a fan of Jellycat.

 Jellycat toys are heirloom quality, super soft, unique and adorable. Coryn has a blue dog from them

and Claire actually has two of their little lambs (one that was chewed on a bit by Caen. I panicked and ordered a second, but after a washing I decided the lack of one ear and an eye wasn't terrible. I intended to put aside the new one as an emergency back up but when she saw it come out of the mail she started reaching for it and begging and she now has both of them). 

Anyway, I love my new shirt.