Thursday, July 11, 2013

Two Recent Crochet Projects

It's hard to get into crocheting when everything is just piling up in my stash and not selling. I've had some limited success on Etsy, but I get most of my sales from word of mouth, and I just haven't been able to tap into that here. For one thing, for most of the year, no one in Florida wants to wear warm, fuzzy yarn hats.

Tonight, though, I finished two projects. The first is my attempt at cow. . .I'm not sure how successful it is. It kind of looks like a stripe-less zebra. The next I'm more proud of but it really needs a model to fill it out, and I don't have a baby of the appropriate age. It is another mermaid tail:

I really like the color combinations. Here is a close up of the fins:

Willamette Valley Wonder Woman

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  1. How fun that you made a mermaid tail. My daughter loves mermaids and would love it if I could make her tails for all of her barbies...and her, too!