What Claire is Reading?

Claire is my sweet little reader. She loves books. She loves stories. From a very early age she would sit on my lap and listen to a board book and then turn the pages back so I would start again when we got to the end. Her adoration for books leads her to carry them around, seek them out, and pull them off shelves. She imitates her sister's reading practice by pointing to the words and making sounds. Sometimes she'll even read a story to herself. She'll sit with a book in her lap, turning pages, and babbling in baby  talk as if she is telling the story out loud. She is too darn cute and so incredibly  sweet. 

I tried to catch a video once of her reading to herself, but she stopped when I got out the camera and I only caught a few seconds. Still, that little baby voice is too precious.

The library has their baby board books in baskets, which is very practical  considering how hard they can be to keep sorted. I always try to draw Claire's attention towards them (and away from the bigger kid books which she will inevitably pull off the shelves and pile up on the floor), and she'll bring me one after another, sometimes sitting through a reading, sometimes getting distracted by all the options before her and going to get another one a few pages into the first.

This time I picked out Time for Bed by Mem Fox and this is an absolutely adorable book. So much so that I'm probably going to end up placing it on her amazon.com wishlist or getting it for her for Christmas. The pictures are beautiful and the rhymes sweet and calming as one by  one each mother animal says good night to her baby. 

I hope Claire keeps up her love of reading. She's the sweetest little bookworm ever.