Cara Box Reveal!

Cara Box

So I decided to do a Carabox exchange again this month! I've had mixed results with online exchanges. I seem to get paired with flaky partners about 50% of the time. I don't whine about it much because there isn't a ton you can do, but of the last five or so box exchanges I've done (some through Cara, others through other blogs) I've gotten three boxes back and other times I've found my partners to be rushed or uninterested in actually taking the time to get to know me (if you tend to be too busy to respond to basic emails, probably these sort of swaps aren't for you, just saying).

Which is why, this month, I was relieved that Kaitlyn with Wifessionals was pairing veteran with veterans, which meant I knew I was going to be matched with someone who  had done the exchange before and had a track record of follow through. 

I sent my box to Ashlea (you can read her blog here), and I am praying it got there or will get there soon. I provided her with a tracking number so it is in the hands of the USPS now.

But my box came from Kari, a mother of two adorable twin girls. You can see her blog here.

Now I had the "bright" idea to do a video reveal, but I think I need to invest in a microphone because I am really hard to understand in this video. You can watch it for laughs. 

Here are some photos to clarify anything I mumbled through.