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I decided to post this simply because it has only recently started to come up. This is a low traffic blog and I don't get a lot of  comments. I also know how important blog traffic can be and understand why you might want to comment with a link back to your blog, or link up party, or social network. I'm fine with that, however, I also really really don't want to link up to parties if you don't take the effort to actually read my blog and have some actual reason for commenting.

Please do not comment just to tell me about a link up without taking the effort to read the post and say something about it first (like why my post would be suitable for your link up, how it relates to a similar post on your blog which I might like to read, all of these are good reasons to link back to your own blog in your comment). Even without a link, if someone comments and has a profile I can follow back to their website, I generally will click on their name just to see who they are and what they have been writing about. I don't always comment back on every comment (I'm awkward that way. When I don't have anything brilliant to say I just stand there and look at my feet). If you don't have anything to say about my particular post but still think I would enjoy a link up, feel free to contact me through other means (you can find link ups to most of my social networking profiles here).

So my comment policy:

I will keep comments that have something to say about the actual post.

I allow links that are included in comments that meet the above criteria.

Comments that include link but do not say anything about the post will be deleted from now on.

If you wish for me to join a linky you have created, please contact me through other means than blog comments (see link provided above).

Now to lighten the mood, here is Claire Bear with a lollipop.

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  1. She has the cutest nose. :) I also am irritated by well meaning, yet meaningless comments that feel like this:
    ME: Heartfelt, vulnerable, honest post
    THEM: HI! I didn't actually just read your post, and therefore am ignoring the fact that you just poured your heart out, but I like you (I think) and would like you to link up so other people can ignore your post too! Thanks! Talk to you soon!! ;) ugh.

    1. Thanks! I take credit for the nose. . .the rest of her she gets almost completely from her daddy.

  2. love this! what I hate finding the most in my comment box is "I am following you, Please follow me too". The first part I don't mind, I will then go and check the blog out anyway and say thank you and return the favour, but when they ask me to follow them I find it a bit rude and it puts me off. I always include my blog address, just in case, LOL

    Natasha @


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