Crazy Claire: Toddler Distraction Techniques

a key
Claire has started opening doors. She is very good at it. Because of this things which I thought were out of her little grasp have now becoming easily accessible. It is a similar crisis to when she learned how to push chairs over to things she wanted to climb up onto or before that when she learned to walk. She scampers off into all sorts of trouble the moment my back is turned. If I go to the bathroom I find she has got into my make up and eaten a tube of lipstick. If I get distracted cooking she gets into the room where I keep games and craft supplies and dumps out all the puzzles and mixes the pieces. If I take the time to clean up one mess she has made she goes and makes another.

So I've started locking doors.

I lock them from the inside with the door open, shut the door from the outside, and when I need to get back in I use a coin to unlock them. It's a process, but it keeps her out of one or two places she shouldn't be.

Claire's School Station
She is also very demanding and wants to be "involved" with Coryn's schooling. She climbs up on the table and scribbles on her sister's work books. So far the best distraction I have found has been her easel (I got it for $5 at a thrift shop). One side has a chalk board and the other a white board and I let her draw on it using either dry erase markers or chalk, depending on her  mood. She needs to be watched closely when she has the markers so that she doesn't nibble the tips off or take off with one of them and draw on something she shouldn't (today she made a beeline for an open library book and got a few red lines on it before I could stop her). She loves using the colored markers to scribble all over the whiteboard,  however.

We are still working on Claire's busy ways . . . or I am say I am working on controlling my reaction to  her busy ways. It can be very frustrating when I finish cleaning up one mess and find out she has climbed into the pantry and dumped out a box of spaghetti or got her paws on a pen and drawn on herself and other objects. I think I just need a little vacation. Either that or a baby straight jacket. 


  1. Baby straight jackets..such a good idea! You should probably make them and sell them. ;)

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