Doctor Who Easy Reader (by me for Coryn)

Coryn's reading has been taking off and today one of her sight words in her lesson was "Who." Now, as a fan, I know the Doctor's name is NOT Doctor Who. It's just a running joke that he tells people he is "the Doctor" and they always respond "Doctor who?" (and then he either says, "Just the Doctor" or snickers at them)

But I started writing and this is what I came up with (I need to learn to draw well enough to illustrate it).

Coryn sees a man. 

"Who are you?" asks Coryn.

"I am the Doctor," says the man.

"Doctor Who?" asks Coryn.

"Yes," says the man. 

"Do you see my box?" asks the Doctor. "It is blue. It is big." 

"I do not see your box," says Coryn. "It is not here."

"Let us find the box," says the Doctor. "Let us look in the house." 

Coryn and the Doctor go in the house. There is the blue box. 

"Will you go with me?" asks the Doctor.

"Yes," says Coryn. "I will go with you in the box."

They go in the box. Inside it is big. 

"Where will we go?" asks the Doctor.

"Can we go to the sun?" asks Coryn.

"No," says the Doctor. "The sun is too hot."

"Let us go to the moon!" says Coryn.

"Yes," says the Doctor. "Let us go."

The box goes to the moon. It goes up, up, up! They are on the moon in the blue box.

On the moon they see a man. He is big. He is green. He is a big, green man. 

"I am Zippip," says the green man. 

"Are you a moon man?" asks Coryn.

"Yes," says Zippip. "I am."

The Doctor, Coryn, and Zippip play ball on the moon. It is fun. They play ball all day. 

"We must go home," says the Doctor. "Good-bye, Zippip." 

Coryn and the Doctor go home in the box. 

"Good-bye, Doctor," says Coryn. "Come back soon." 

"I will," says the Doctor. "Good-bye, Coryn."

The End.

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