Editing and Promotion

I have spent the last few days furiously reading and tweaking my novel once again in preparation for the "print on demand" version. I submitted what I hope will be the final edition tonight. I'm not sure  how  long it will take them to approve it for print but once they have I will probably be posting links in every  other post again. I went with $7.99 for a paperback copy (Create Space has a minimum price of $6.08). It should be available for purchase through amazon and also on the Create Space website (I don't know how their shipping compares to Amazon). I also took the opportunity to update my ebook and correct some typos. I'm half ashamed of how many there were and half proud that there weren't really that many considering that I've never had them professionally edited (I've had a couple of friends look over the Ordinary Knight section, but the Invisible Princess I did completely on my own).

I'm also trying to create a blog devoted to promoting the novel so I can separate promotion posts from my personal blog. If you are interested in seeing that endeavor, check out this link.