My Little Cos-play Princess

I have mentioned my daughter's fascination with Doctor Who once or twice. It is one of our shared obsessions. She even plays a version of "red light, green light" called "weeping angel." Basic concept is the same (she can only move when your back is turned), but she gets to pretend to be one of the most frightening bad guys in the entire Who-niverse. 

For those of you who have yet to be sucked into the Whovian life, Weeping Angels are disguised as statues. They can only move when no one is looking (including other angels, so if an angel is looking at another angel or itself in the mirror, the angel is staying put), but if they catch you, they zap you into the past and feed off your temporal energy . . . it is a lot scarier than it sounds.

Weeping Angels are also probably the most common female cos-play for Whovians, mainly because most of the Doctor's female companions wear contemporary clothes and do not make for an immediately recognizable costume. There are a lot of awesome examples of fans dressed as Weeping Angels out there, and I have been gently campaigning for Coryn to be one for trick or treating this year because, as much as I just want her to go as whatever makes her happy, I really love it when she shows up as a true original.

I had pretty much braced myself for her wanting to be a ballerina again when she announced that she did, indeed, want to be a scary Weeping Angel.

So I started to research costumes.

At first I was going to buy the wings but then I found this tutorial from Real Simple:

Not only was this easy looking, I happened to have most of the materials on hand.

Of course, Coryn got into it and ended up doing most of the work herself.

The result was  much less neat than the tutorial, but she did it on her own! I still have to spray paint it all gray, of course. I've figured out how to make her robes out of a pillow case, bought gray face paint and a wig (hair dye seemed too iffy), so there will probably be more pictures and tutorials to come. I'm just so proud of my little Weeping Angel. I can't wait to take her trick or treating.