Reviewers Wanted for My Book!

Dragon's Curse (The Dragon and the Scholar Book 1)

Hello, there, fellow bloggers! 

I am looking for blogging friends with a little free time on their hands to review my ebookS (linked above). You can read it on kindle or on a PC with the free kindle app. If you are interested, send me your email address and I will gift you a copy.

You can contact me through the comments or use my email

While I would appreciate any feed back, even negative, I will not pressure you for a review. Once the book has been delivered, I will never mention it again, I  swear. I will not follow you around the internet begging to know what you think. If you decide the book isn't your cup of tea, but you do not feel like being frank about it, just set it aside and pretend the whole embarrassing thing never happened. If you want to write an honest review on your blog or on the Amazon page, please please do! I only ask that you provide me with a link so that I can share your review with others in my social circle.

If you do post a review, negative or otherwise, I would like to see it but will refrain from commenting to argue with you. I promise!

You can also review my books on Goodreads here.

My books (but not my short stories) also exist in paperback form, but I am unwilling to give out too many copies this way because of the price of shipping and actually producing these books is much higher for me. I can order them at a discount from the Amazon price, however, so if you are extremely interested but unwilling to read on a computer or kindle, message me and maybe we will work something out.

I currently have multiple eBooks available, three novels and two short stories. I will be adding to this list regularly as I finish new projects, so even if you have reviewed for me before, feel free to check back here and see if I have something new you might want to read.