Summer Colds are Evil

Okay, this is just a quick update post. I've been really lethargic about . . .well. . .everything the last couple of days, and if you read my post title, you can probably guess why. Yep, I'm in the grip of a fairly nasty Summer head cold.

I had intended for this week to be very productive, and in all honesty it did start out that way. Monday everything went according to plan. I got what I needed to done. Dinner was on time. All was good.

Tuesday went even better. Tuesday my proof came (as detailed in this post), and I was so excited just to hold something that looks like an actual book in my hands, with my name on the cover. I did immediately decide that I wasn't satisfied with the cover layout, found a couple of weird spaces that shouldn't be there, decided I wanted to change the way I had formatted chapter headings. . . little tweaks. Then I sat down to do a read through and see if I found any missing errors.

As I mentioned when I was discussing my ebook (here in this post), I was decently confident in the spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and for the most part, I haven't found that to be a problem, but I DID find a typo (well, one typos and one word that I apparently at some point meant to replace with another word but instead of replacing it I just typed the new word after it and left both of them sitting there in a way that didn't make sense). A lone (I'm not finished with the book, so there might be more), measly typo. A "they" that was obviously meant to be a "the."

So since this one typo exists, I'm going to have to upload a new file so I might as well make any alterations I want to.

Something I've realized as a writer is that it can always be better. I've read over this book a hundred times and every time I decide that a different word suits some sentence better and switch out for a synonym . . .or that dashes make more sense than commas in this particular space. Or that this phrase would be better if it were italicized.

I'm not annoyed with myself for not making these changes earlier because as I've said, I have edited this particular work over and over again, and it isn't an issue of the book not being ready the first time so much as that stories are living works and as someone who plays with punctuation for fun, I'm always going to find something to mess with.

In fact, the only thing I'm disappointed with is how I overused leap. People in my books are always leaping. They leap to action, to their feet, they leap up, they leap aside. Half my characters must be leap frogs.

Anyway, I'm off topic. I meant to be detailing how my week fell apart, not the editing process.

So anyway, Tuesday went well, but Wednesday I woke up with a cold.

Things did not immediately go off the rails. I still got most of what I wanted to done, including a trip to Walmart and the library, but when I got home from all that, my cold hit me like a load of bricks and for the rest of the day I had an awful headache and was constantly diving for a Kleenex. I didn't get much done yesterday. I watched a lot of television, actually. I  had saved up America's Got Talent and Masterchef on Hulu. Coryn got into tea party mode and served her sister tea over and over again (both today and yesterday), and yesterday she even took care of me.

Coryn's tea parties are fancy

The taking care of me started out with me asking for a blanket. I thought maybe I'd turn it into a game and get her to get her toy doctor kit or something, but  instead, she took it dead serious. The next thing I know she is pouring me orange juice. Then she made me a sandwich of a leftover ground beef patty, some cheese, and some red onions warmed up inside of pita bread (very sweet, but I wasn't hungry at all. I sneaked it to Caen when she wasn't looking).

That said, I need to get back to my editing. 


  1. I am really sorry you are sick! I have to say though, I was completely distracted by your process... I woke up (in the shower) with a couple of ideas for books that I would have never considered writing if it weren't for your experience... this makes me happy. THANK YOU! Hope you feel better soon!


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