Writer's Page-Overwhelming

I've spent a lot of time this week going around, creating profiles on various marketing/social media platforms for myself as an author (if you have any to suggest for me, please do; I am very new to this aspect of writing/self-publishing). Part of this was making a Facebook page for myself as a "public figure/celebrity."

I know I am neither of these things yet, but since I want to keep my personal Facebook page private and the blog Facebook page is not associated with my name (making it hard to find for those who might want to read my novel), I felt it was the best way to handle it.

So here is a link to me on Facebook as an author.

Since I now have a Facebook page for my crochet business and my blog as well as starting an author profile on Goodreads, and trying to figure out how to use a Twitter account (hey look, I'm here too!) at all let alone for productive marketing. . .  and a pinterest board devoted to writing and all things my book . . .

Can you tell I'm starting to get a little overwhelmed?

And I've still only sold ten copies (7 ebooks, 3 printed, thanks Mom and other random friends and family).

Oh goodness.

But don't I look good in a Fez?