Book Review: The Thirteen Clocks

I rarely ever feel as if I have time for reading anymore, and the stack of books that I have acquired and "intend" to read grows every day  while the amount of reading I actually do  seems to be dwindling. However, something about the title caught my attention and within the first two pages, I realized this was a book I was going to read no matter what tried to get in my way. The name of the book is The Thirteen Clocks and the author is James Thurber, a name I was familiar with though I think the only book of his I've ever read before is the picture book Many Moons, a childhood favorite. The Thirteen Clocks is also a children's book, though for older readers or to be read aloud, but it was one my "grown-up" self thoroughly enjoyed.

The style bridges on the absurd at times, with made up, nonsensical names, phrases that turn circles on themselves, and characters that are somehow easy to relate to while at the same time being caricatures of their roles (evil duke, brave prince). Of all the books I've read it compares most closely to The Last Unicorn, though that book has a sadness to it and The Thirteen Clocks is a joyful affair. Definitely a wonderful  fairy tale and a blissful way to spend a few hours.

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