Claire the Collector

If you have ever parented or spent a lot of time around a toddler, then you are probably familiar with toddler gifts. Usually they are worthless objects (scraps of paper or a pebble). Occasionally they are kind of gross (partially chewed, soggy cookie or something completely unidentifiable they picked up off the sidewalk). To that baby, however, they are priceless and important and because they love you, they want you to have them.

Today while we were waiting in a parking lot, Claire Bear started amassing a large selection of such gifts. She gave me a pebble. Then an acorn. Then a tiny white feather. Eventually it became too much for me to hold in one hand and since I didn't have any place to put them, I started lining them up on the curb. She seemed to like this, maybe she felt they were properly on display there, because she continued to add to the collection but now she put the treasures down on the curb rather than handing them directly to me. Then she sat down and admired them.

Of course, she eventually ended up putting things in her mouth.

But I still loved her artful little collection of leaves, rocks, and other natural things she found to be special and beautiful.

Have you ever received a special gift from a toddler?