Doctor Who Easy Reader: Part Two

Another chapter in the on going saga of a girl and her Doctor (check out part one here).

Coryn sees someone.

"Someone is here," she says. "It is the Doctor. The Doctor is my friend."

"Hello," says the Doctor. "I am looking for an alien. He is small. He has ten hands. He ran away. Have you seen my alien?"

"No," says Coryn. "I have not."

"Is he under your bed?" asks the Doctor.

"No, he is not. Just a cat."

"Is he in the yard?"

"No, he is not. Just a dog."

"Is he on the car?"

"Yes, there he is. A small alien with ten hands is on the car."

The Doctor goes to get him. The alien hits the Doctor.


"Oh no!" says the Doctor. "This alien is slap happy!"


The alien hits the Doctor's chin.

"Ouch!" says the Doctor. "You little Dalek!"

"Stop, alien!" says Coryn. "Do not slap and smack. It is not nice."

The alien looks sad.

"Sorry," he says. "I  just want to play. Can I go for a ride in your big blue box?"

"Yes," says the Doctor. "Let us go."

The End

For now. . .


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