Reviews and Writing: Small Victories for the Self-Published Author

Today, as I was preparing to post about something else, I happened to click on my self-published novel on Amazon and, low and behold, another review! What's more, I have no idea who Cheryl K. Saiki is! I'm not related to her. As far as I know we have never met in real life and if we've bumped into each other on the world wide web, she never took the time to tell me her real name (I will admit to having online acquaintances who I only know by screen names, so it is possible). And yet, in spite of this lack of familiarity, she not only purchased and read my book, she gave it FOUR STARS! 

I know her review title only says "pretty good" but as far as I'm concerned, that's high praise because, come on, four stars! I just started this self-publishing thing and little victories like this make me feel like a superstar!

You can read the full review (and also purchase my book as a paperback or ebook) on Amazon. I know it is cut off in the picture. You really want to know what the rest of that cut off sentence says, don't you? You really want to go to Amazon and read the rest, don't you? You really really want to purchase the books, share links, and review it with glowing praise (Are you susceptible to hypnotism? Am I getting to you yet?)!

So click on the link above to view the review on Amazon. 

In other news, I got my first blogger review (full disclosure, I gave her a free ebook). You can read that here, on Carolynn's blog "Kitty Adventures." I am still searching for bloggers who would be willing to read and review my book. Only two have responded (Carolynn being one of them), but if you are a blogger who is interested in reading my book and would consider doing a review on your blog or another platform you  can check out my post requesting reviewers here or email me at for details.