Wordless Wednesday: Quiet Claire

Last week some sort of sickness ran through our family. It hit all of us to different degrees. Matt stayed in bed all day and couldn't keep any food down. Claire had a fever a few days later and was lethargic all day. Coryn only got cold like symptoms and I got those plus a day long head ache.

It feels awful every time we say it, but Matt and I agree, Claire is so sweet when she is sick. When well she is a trouble making busy bee, but add a cold or a flu and she melts into your arms and sits still for hours, holding the bear she picked out from a thrift store a few weeks ago who is now her "mostly companion."She is quite cuddly and calm.

We are all better now except all of have a lingering cough. I hate coughs.

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  1. I'm sorry you guys got sick. She certainly is cute in this photo. Come link up on my W.W. when you have a chance. Wishing you a better week!


  2. Aww! she looks so cute with her bear and dummy heheh! it isn't nice getting flue hope all are much better now.

    Have a flufreetastic week :-)

  3. Awww she looks so sick. Hope you all get to feeling better soon! ♥

  4. I do love how she is hugging her bear, until reading your post I thought she was so innocent, lol.

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