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Well, tonight I took another step towards taking myself seriously as an author. I made an official looking (to the best of my ability) author page. It just includes blurbs for my self-published novel and up coming project, contact information, and an author-bio. Very very simple, but the idea is to give something to  those who may google my name that looks as if it for an actual author, rather than just a crazy cat lady with a rambling blog. (Click HERE to see the site in all its glory).

(as always, link to my self-published novel to follow):
The Ordinary Knight and the Invisible Princess: A Tale in Two Parts

There aren't follow options or anything,and I still plan to maintain my blog. I'm kind of proud of my little website, however.Check it out if you have a moment. 


  1. Looks great so far! Congratulations!

  2. Hello Heidi, nice meeting you.
    I found the post through Ramona's 'Inspire Me Monday'.

    Congrats, it's good having an author website where to showcase your books, and it looks nice.
    Then, I saw that you also have a third blog, and this is what would worry me: Would I be able to sustain all three of them to a satisfactorily degree? (just sthg to think about, from one blogger to a sister-in-arms)

    1. This is my only "traditional" blog. The other is a "choose your own adventure" story" which is meant for people to play/read one time. It doesn't require frequent content updates or maintenance. The website, also, will not require maintenance because it's only purpose is to give people something that directs to my books when they google my name. Theoretically, I'll only have to update it when I am announcing a new book.


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