Coryn's First Fan Letter: Writing Practice

I've  recently started looking through the biographies in the children's section of our local library for anything that isn't too wordy. It is an excellent way to introduce art and music appreciation (I'll probably write about that later). This week I found a Pebble First Biography book about Tomie DePaola, written in an easy reader style so that Coryn could read it with minimal assistance.

Coryn likes to tie her biographies to something she can experience (a painting, a Doctor Who episode, or music), so I grabbed a few of his picture books and today that was part of our reading.

Afterwards she wanted to know if he was still alive (Beethoven being so long dead was a disappointment to her), so we looked him up online and found that not only was he alive but there was an address!

I decided for an extra assignment, she could write him a letter thanking him for his books.

First I had Coryn dictate what she wanted to say and wrote it out so that she could  have something to copy. About halfway through she did start begging for me to write the rest, but we muscled through and here are the results:

I plan to encourage more letter writing because it is writing with a purpose, allows her to practice spelling, writing, and handwriting, and it is just a good skill to know. Plus she might even get some mail out of it, and she loves getting mail.

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