Monster Face Magnets-Kid Craft

On Friday, I decided to do an impromptu art project with the girls. I had craft foam, googly eyes, a lot of foam stickers, and some small, adhesive magnets. Throw in scissors, glue, and markers and we had Monsters Face Magnets!

Claire tried to make some too (hers are the red and pink heart on either side), but she really just got into sticking as many stickers as she could fit on the piece. One did end up with an eye, but I think that is just a coincidence.

Afterwards, Coryn wanted me to help her make a mask, complete with a beard:

I don't think I ever used craft foam when I was a kid, but it has become one our favorite tools for making colorful projects that are sturdier than paper but  still easy to cut with scissors. I got mine at Walmart, but you can get a large package in multiple colors from Amazon (link below).

Clever Chicks


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