More School Time Toddler Distractions

Today Claire took advantage of my distracted state during Coryn's Geography lesson and started to "reorganize" the pantry. She got a hold of our Sam's Club sized paper towel stash and started playing with the plastic bag. Yeah, the thing that says "KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN: SUFFOCATION RISK" on it.

Desperate to channel this into something that would  keep her busy for a half hour but not involve a trip to the emergency room, I showed her how to make a tower out of the towel rolls and she REALLY got into it (the rolls in this pack were all individually wrapped in plastic so I was okay with her rolling around on the floor with them).

Here are some photos of her play:

I  should mention that she is shirtless in these pictures. Something unspeakable happened to her first outfit of  the day, and I'm sick of all the excess laundry so when that  happens, I let her spend the rest of the morning nude until we have to go some place or it is nap time and I want her warm and cozy.

She just knows she can reach!
While Coryn and I did reading she made these three towers.
Then knocked it down and built it again.
After reading, Coryn got in on the fun for a little while and made this castle.


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