My first Etsy Collection Post: THINGS I WANT!!!

I've never done an Etsy collection post before. I follow some bloggers who do them, highlighting different themed items from their favorite Etsy shops, but that really isn't the purpose to the Typative Mama Cat blog space (the purpose to the Typative Mama Cat blog space is 42).

But then I saw THIS little beauty.

(And it is being displayed on an old looking copy of Little Women as if it weren't cool enough!). This shop owner (shop called "Old Timey Wimey Stuff," again, perfect!) uses a language generator to figure out how to write your name in Gallifreyan than etches it on a pendant for you! I want one so bad (only $15. I might have to splurge in a bit).

Christmas is coming, folks!

She also has this:

and this:
So, yeah, I want all of this.

What else do I want?

I'm so  glad you asked!!!

THIS "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" pendant, which is written in Sindarin Elvish!

(Shop Tiedyejedi)

Also from Tiedyejedi, this completely awesome Prancing Pony poster:
(I love the  "it comes in pints!" tagline.)  I would  love this on a t-shirt.

Oh, and this shop has R2-D2 Baby hats (I need to make this):
And what  every drinker needs is an Evil Dragon Drinking Horn, found in this shop:

So, those are some awesome things. Go buy me some!


  1. I had my sister make matching wood-burned necklaces that said "beloved" in elvish for Valentine's Day last year!

  2. the R2D2 hat has totally inspired me to make a dalek hat!

    1. I've seen some cool photos of those. Original dark tones or bright and shiny kitchenaid colors?


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