My Little Whovians

Coryn and Claire had Doctor Who themed costumes this year. For Claire I didn't want to do the work, so I bought a Tardis-Costume off of Etsy (you can see and purchase a similar one from the same shop HERE). Coryn, of course, was the Weeping Angel I've mentioned in several posts. Her costume was very handmade and not exactly perfect, but it was such a collaborative effort between the two of us that I am quite proud of it.

Originally the plan was for her to  wear a gray wig we had purchased (as seen below), but it was too big and even with bobby pins wouldn't stay on her head.

So the back up plan was hair gel and flour.

Her natural color slipped through a little, but it lasted until her bath which is more than I could've said for the wig.

The face make up was also imperfect, but I  applied it in the library parking lot ten minutes before "Costume Story Time" because it was the same evening as gymnastics and there wasn't much time between the two  happenings.

All that mattered to me was that when Coryn looked at herself in the mirror in the library bathroom (where I went to try and wash the combination of gray face paint and flour off my hands before going into the story time), she giggled madly and said, "I'm a Weeping Angel!"

Claire was fascinated by the stiff stuff in her sister's hair and kept touching it. She also loved her tutu and did her "I feel pretty" walk all around the library.

Most people had no idea  what they were supposed to  be (or Who). However, we ran into two Whovians who were impressed by their costumes. 


  1. Love those costumes!! You did an awsome job, Heidi!! I actually was excited all week for them ;-)

    1. I'm glad you like them. Coryn was really excited to dress up as one of the scariest creatures in the Who-niverse.

  2. Yay! Fantastic! and those angels are terrifying...

    1. Yes, I told Coryn that she had the only really scary costume there (there were a couple of witches, a vampire, and a ghost who was literally just wearing a piece of shear white fabric that didn't even have eye holes cut out) and she was proud of that. I taught her to play "Red Light Green Light" by telling her it was the Weeping Angel game, and she used to stalk me around the house doing the Weeping Angel pose, so it is a running joke with us.


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