My Mr. Fox-Crochet Critter

I've been thinking about fox stuff a lot lately because they are popular and it seems like I can't turn around without seeing a fox on something. Unlike the owl craze where it seemed like owls were haunting me from every gift shop shelf, I kind of like the fox thing. They've always been one of my favorite animals. They're like the perfect combination of feline and canine.

Because of this, I HAD to make one.

And here he is:

and from the back so you can admire his "bushy" tail.
He's a pretty basic pattern, just working in rounds for the body, triangle ears, etc. I may post a pattern, but if you are as fluent in crochet as I am, you can probably figure it out from these pictures. 

Coryn loves him, but agreed to put him up on Etsy if she could use the proceeds to buy her sister a Christmas present (she was feeling altruistic for whatever reason.).


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