Sight Word Caterpillar

I recently found a selection of awesome sight word resources and printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I printed up their "Site Word Caterpillar" for Kindergarten and today Coryn and I read the words, cut them out, and put them up on a line in the wall.

 Coryn breezed through the Kindergarten words with the exception of "pretty," "white," and one other that I forget now. We put those aside to work on later. I'm going to print up the first grade version of this project later.

This project was awesome on several levels.

1. Coryn wanted to do the cutting herself though after a bit, realizing the large amounts of words, she allowed me to start helping, but it was still good scissor practice.

2. It was a nice break from normal reading practice and since these are mainly words she already knows, she was proud of her accomplishment and how long her caterpillar was.

3. We get this show-off piece of wall art out of it.

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