Wordless Wednesday: the little Daleks!

That "said," is it weird to anyone else, how all the Wordless Wednesday Link Ups seem to pop up Tuesday Morning?

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  1. Aww! how cute heheh!

    Have a tanfastic week ;-)

  2. Haha cute! And yes I've noticed that more and more. I used to do them Tuesday evening anyways bc my husband is off on Wednesdays and I usually don't have time when he is home but it seems like they are just getting earlier and earlier!

  3. I know they used to show up late Tuesday night, but now I am seeing them crop up on Tuesday mornings now. So, I put our linkup to go with the rest of them on Tuesday mornings, too. But loved the pictures of your kids and looks a bit like my house with them coloring and drawing with or without clothes!! Thank you so much for linking up over at the Mommy Blog Hoppers today!! :)

  4. SERIOUSLY cute!!!!


  5. That's awesome! Those girls are adorable, and the picture, well, can't start early enough to teach them about the dangers of the universe ;-)

    1. According to Coryn the Yellow Dalek is the Dalek queen but she still remembers when she was human and doesn't kill (She's watched the Asylum of the Daleks twice).


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