Almost finished-NaNoWriMo

Just to start out with some Geeking out, aren't those eyes just intensely amazing. It's kind of like Gandalf and Sherlock Holmes had a love child. That's weird, but that's what I'm thinking right now.

Anyway, I did a lot of writing yesterday (over three thousand words) and a little bit this morning and went to casually input my word count.

This is what I see:
If for whatever reason that chart is hard to read, it says, in order to reach my 50k goal, I have less than 2k words to go, a lot less, actually.

Of course, my story is going to stretch a little past that goal. I am sensing at least another 4k words left it in, maybe twice that depending if I include an optional battle with some satyrs (cause, why not?).

As a teaser treat, here is a scene  in which a main character is tempted by a vamp-ish fairy (called "Fey" in my books) queen. (Unedited. Mea culpa)

“I am alone,” she said. “You can stop looking for an ambush. Like you I am just here to talk.” She shivered and drew her cloak about her.  “I dislike the cold. This cloak is hardly sufficient. I could use something more substantial to wrap myself in. Something like you.” She reached out, touched his shoulder, and walked her fingers down to his elbow. He jerked away.
“Where is Martin?”
“Really, is that all you can think about?”
She stepped up to him, rubbing herself against his chest. When he tried to push her off she melted through him and embraced him from behind. Ewan scowled and grabbed her about the wrists to untangle himself only to find her smiling before him again, her face inches from his inspite of his advantage in height. He glanced down and found her hovering a foot above the snow.
“No point in ruining my best slippers. Think of what we could have together, Sir Dragon. I sense that you are not completely tied to your human form. That is a convenience for your bride. I can offer you the best of both worlds. A dragon in the skies during the day and a man in my bed at night. I love a human form, the muscles, the jaw line.” She freed her hand and touched his face. “Fey men are so insubstantial by comparison. Unfortunately humans are short lived. I’ve never been able to keep one for more than a few decades. You, however, have a dragon’s strength and a dragon’s life span. We could have centuries of passion.”
“I have a wife and compared to her, you offer no true temptation. When one is married to an angel, a demon’s embrace offers little fascination. Now, where is my friend?”
She withdrew and grimaced at him. “He is alive, if not unharmed. I was about to go tend to him myself when you called for me. He resisted my first attempt to pry information from him, but I sense a second session will be enough to get what I need.”

Ewan’s stomach twisted but he forced his face to remain impassive.


  1. Hey, I think the word you are looking for is "despite" not "in spite" maybe? Or perhaps I need to brush up on my words.

    I can't wait to buy your books. Consider me a lifelong fan :) I'm sure you will be making a blog post whenever it goes live to buy on Amazon...and I will buy one!!! (I got lucky by getting to read your first book by PDF....this time I want to buy one!)

    1. It's a personal preference thing but most writers do choose despite because it does what "in spite of" does in three words while only using one. Personally, I prefer "in spite of." I don't know why, but "despite" to me isn't as elegant.


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