Cara Box Reveal-Fall Box

This season (since they are now doing it seasonally rather than monthly, which honestly, is kind of  a relief financially speaking) my Cara box matches are Holly and Hayley. Since I'm Heidi I have to think there was some alphabetizing going on.

You  can find Holly (who sent to  me) at Little Hip-ster Girl and Hayley at A Beautiful Exchange.

To start with, I am a lousy photographer, so I thought I'd try and just do a video reveal. Watching back my  video, however, revealed that my video skills are about on the same level as my photography skills, so I took some pictures anyway.

We talked a lot about  tea. My favorite wasn't available in her area, but she sent me her favorite which is even better because it means I can try something new. This cinnamon tea (and local honey sticks) are going to be gone soon (I haven't had  HT teas in ages. They were available in the Barnes and Noble I worked at when we were in San Diego, but I haven't seen them here in Florida, but they were a weakness partially because I coveted the tins.).

Everything needs a cat!

And on the Fall theme here is a scary cat.

And a cool braided bracelet.

There was also a mug which I pictured in an earlier post (here) and a jar of pumpkin apple butter that met a sad fate (watch the video if you must know). It was an awesome box. Now excuse me while I go make some cinnamon tea!

If you are interested in this exchange, sign ups should start soon. Check it out here.