General Thanksgiving Stuff

So, here is a quick recap of Thanksgiving for four (which ended up being three because Claire slept through it). 
One thing off my plate was the Turkey. Matt smokes that in the barbecue. Here he is, sampling as he carves. 

Coryn and Caen watched his every move.
I'm not a decorator. I'm just not. But last minute I dug through my supplies to see what I had to work with. I found some candle sticks and pillar candles which used to be in our entry way (haven't used them since San Diego), a turkey platter my mother-in-law gave us last year (or the year before, I forget) which I had completely forgotten about because it's seasonal, so I had it stashed somewhere, and my red table cloth which is actually our only table cloth if you don't count the plastic one I use when the girls are painting.
The center piece didn't feel complete, so I took some photos and taped string to the backs, and hung them from the light fixture.
I told Coryn they were pictures of people we were thankful for. She informed me of all the people we were missing, but I never had the time to find more pictures.
We did make some "hand turkeys" the day before who sat on the wall behind our table.
We had two pies for after dinner because Matt doesn't care for pumpkin but I can't have Thanksgiving without it.
I made this cranberry sauce recipe (pinned here) which I really enjoyed.
And I made the dough for the rolls a day ahead using the recipe in this pin here. I also  went to pinterest (here) for a gravy recipe because I don't really understand gravy. I don't like it, don't really understand what it is supposed to taste or look like, and if it were up to me I would just  not have it on the table, so I need all the help I can get making it.
We did a pretty good job of cleaning as we cooked but there were still more pots and pans than fit in our dishwasher.
Afterwards I had to strip down the carcass and boil it a few times for broth/stock. I  also boiled the remnants of the clementines I juiced and zested for the cranberry sauce with some spices to make the house not smell exclusively like boiled turkey.


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