NaNoWriMo and Personal Update

Current word count: 15,085.
Words until today's goal: a mere 105
Hours left in the day: more than enough.
Finally getting out of the several day slump.
Wrote my characters back into excitement. Yay me!

As you can see from the above widget (thank you, NaNoWriMo site), I've had some "yellow" days this week, days where I missed my word count goal by a few hundred words. At least I managed to write something, but those "yellow" days were pretty miserable.

I'm not sure what is going on with my health, but I've had some weird issues with headache, nausea, heartburn,crankiness, weepiness, and fatigue. And no, I'm not pregnant. If it isn't TMI, I'll tell you that the above symptoms coincide with my monthly "not pregnant" herald, so I know I'm not pregnant. Whatever has caused it, for the last two months my "time of the month" has piled on a bunch of extra hardships. I am guessing something is wrong with my hormone levels. It's bad enough that I've actually made a doctors appointment, which is something I just don't do. I'm pretty healthy, generally speaking, and I don't see the need to burden the medical establishment with my healthy self when they have real sick people to take care of.

But losing two or three days a month to whatever is going on is, to put it mildly, no bueno. So to medical with me!

I welcome prayers, but being me, I'm inclined to believe it is something moderate rather than something serious. I'm probably missing some vitamin or something that I need to cope with the hormonal shifts and blood-loss associated with well . . being a woman. So, I'm not scared. I'm just annoyed that my body has taken this opportunity to start plaguing me right in the middle of NaNoWriMo! Doesn't it know that I have a novel to write!

Speaking of novels, in my post about being a stay-at-home writer I mentioned that one of my tricks to getting writing done was to always have a notebook with me so I could write when "afk" (away from keyboard).

My Writing Notepad from Today
Recently my mother sent me one of those pens I used in middle-school that has four different color option (note to self, the green is really hard to read back. Stop using that color!), so when I was out with my girls watching them play in the yard, I brought out  my notepad and started to scratch out scenes for my story. I was using this four color pen, so as an experiment, I decided to switch colors every time the girls interrupted me (by interruption I mean something that made me stop writing, put down the pen, and get up, not just interrupting to answer a question or to  look up and make sure  they weren't playing Frogger in traffic. If I'd done that, I would've been switching every other word.), just to see what it would look like. I posted a picture of a particularly bad paragraph as far as interruptions go (yes, my handwriting is unreadable to anyone but me. I like to think of it as a very special shorthand code.).

I also got my Carabox today. I will put together a full post devoted to it later, but I wanted to post this mug first off. It has a Doctor Who quote (which I originally miss-credited to "Silence in the Library" but which is actually from "Tooth and Claw," shame on me.).

So that is my update for now. Hope to have time to write again soon. Back to my novel now!


  1. Being sick during NaNoWriMo must be awful. I hope you'll reach your word count anyway and that you'll feel better soon. What kind of story are you writing? I'll be having my own 'novel writing month' in December as this month is too busy for me. A large part of my first draft is already finished, so I'm pretty sure I can manage the rest of the draft in December :)

    1. I like using the NaNoWriMo tracker widgets so rescheduling isn't something I'm willing to do personally. Though I do try to write year round. I'm writing a fantasy novel which is the fourth book in a series. I am planning to self-publish part one soonish (you can read the blurb on my author page here


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