NaNoWriMo Care Packages

You know how when people have surgery or a new baby people swarm around them and bring them gifts and meals and all that good stuff? I am thinking people really should do the same for NaNoWriMo participants. 


Well, like the sick or injured we writers are penned up inside. 

Like new parents we are sleep deprived, half mad, and wondering "What were we thinking when we said yes to this?" 

Our homes fall apart around us. We neglect to make dinner and feed our kids nutella and saltines for lunch because going shopping is time away from writing. 

We imbibe far too  much caffeine and neglect basic care. 

But is anyone offering to come over, sit with  my kids, clean my house, and cook my meals?


Sure, when I brought a new life into this world you were all like, "Here! Let me hold her! Take my  food! I brought you flowers and chocolate!"

But here I am, giving birth to not one human being but multiple diverse characters and a whole world and where are you now?

Where is my basket filled with wine and chocolate and a Hallmark card with a little typewriter on the outside?

Why are you not constantly knocking on the door to provide me with diversions and bring me coffee?

Why don't you come over and sit with my kids so I can go to a real coffee shop to write instead of just longingly listening to youtube sound-scapes of them? (Yeah, they do make these. I'll link one below. They make awesome background writing noise when you are trying to drown out the constant barrage of "MOM! MOM! MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!")

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The Chicken Chick


  1. Absolutely NaNo writers need care packages! That would be brilliant. And cafe time! I love the fact you can get cafe sounds - it just cracks me up!

    1. They also have beach sounds, garden sounds, rainy day sounds, waiting room sounds. . . I love these videos. It's less distracting than having a tv show in the background but still keeps my mind from wandering in the silence.


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