NaNoWriMo Update and Reader Request

So I'm chugging onward with my NaNoWriMo assignment. Last night Sir Martin got to step into the hoard of the Dragon Queen which was awesome.

Harviss stepped off the great slab of marble she was reclining on and nudged it with her nose. There was a click and with a sound like a giant grinding his teeth. The platform slid back to reveal a chamber filled with glinting gold.
Martin’s  jaw went slack and he gulped in air. He had worked for many monarchs and had toured many treasuries, but none that could rival  this assortment. Gold cast in every imaginable shape, from coins and jewelry to statues and goblets, had been raked into piles as if it was autumn leaves. Jewels, cut and uncut, glittered and winked at him. There were iron bound chests, some still shut, some cracked open and broken in two, their contents spilling out in a river of precious metals.
Harviss laughed merrily.
“Ah, you admire my pretty toys, I see. Come closer, little scholar.  Examine  my trinkets.”
Martin forced his mouth shut and strode into the midst of the splendor. He stepped into the treasure cave, sinking up to his ankles in cold, hard coins. He shuffled through, examining one precious item after another. He turned his gaze up and found Harviss watching him quizzically.
“Greater men than you  have had their  heads turned by such lucre. Does this tempt you?”

That segment is unedited and written in a late night haze. I'll check it for typos later. Still, this is one of the reasons I write fantasy. I was getting a little discouraged last night because I was at a slow point in the story and then I realized, heck, we are visiting a dragon queen. Let's have a look at her stash. That was awesome to write about.

That said I'm hoping to release Dragon's Curse soon (the book I'm writing for NaNoWriMo is book four of the Dragon and the Scholar Quartet. Dragon's Curse is book one.) as a self-published book in paper back and ebook.

If you are interested in getting an advanced copy and are willing to review it on your blog, please contact me. I'm going to try and be less stingy with hard copies this time around, but ebooks will still be my preference.

If you are especially eager, I can give you a pdf of the book right now, just know that I'm not completely done with editing and there might be a few minor typos still lurking around in the text. Once I am finished with NaNoWriMo (December 1st, if all goes well), I plan to start earnestly courting bloggers for reviews. I've learned a lot about that process since I clumsily rolled out my first book ( The Ordinary Knight and the Invisible Princess: A Tale in Two Parts ) and I'm hoping for better results. I did get two bloggers to review that book for me and I have another "lined up" for it, but three reviews does not equal much exposure (if you are interested in a free copy of A Tale in Two Parts, you can contact me about that as well.).

As always, thanks for your participation in my blog and your interest in my writing. Wish me luck as I dive into my latest insane project.