Preparing a "Special" Edition for my Novel

I'm preparing to re-launch my first novel A Tale in Two Parts: The Ordinary  Knight and the Invisible  Princess in a "special edition." What's so special about it?

1. I  corrected a handful of typos that I missed in my self-edits but which helpful readers have kindly pointed out.
2. I added a dedication, a table of contents, and a blurb for my next book Dragon's Curse (available in January if all goes according to plan).
3. I increased the font to a 12 point font I personally find more attractive and easier to read.

The increased font size and other formatting changes did drive the  page count up to almost 300 (it had been sitting at 231), which in turn increased the production price, so to keep within my desired but still puny profit margin, I increased the price from $7.99 to $8.50. This may increase again after the new year because Amazon is offering free expanded distribution channels but these have a minimum list price of $9 and. . . something cents, I forget.

Of course, none of this affects the availability or price of the ebook. That sits at an (in my humble opinion) very reasonable $1.99.

Also, whenever I upload a file for my paperback even with a small change, it takes it off the market for 24 to 48 hours (maybe more over weekends. I usually do it midweek because  I'm afraid to find out) which is why even when I find a typo it may take me a few weeks to correct it. I like to make multiple changes at once rather than fixing each error immediately. If the book were overridden with typos, then of course, I would want to take it off the market until it was fixed, but it is hard to give up my book existing at all (even for 48 hours) because of an "of" that was supposed to be "off" that 90% of  my readers didn't even notice or mention.

So I made my major changes two days ago, but when the files were approved, I used the digital proof and found that something had changed between uploading it and them accepting it (the file conversion does weird things sometimes) and I had to go through and correct some page numbers and the like. I am working on a post on "what to look for when proofing" which I hope to have up later today, for anyone else interested in self-publishing.

In summation: my book will probably not be available in paperback (though it is still for sale as an ebook) for another 24 to 48 hours. After this period there will be a "new and improved" version up, sans typos. Be on the look out for a post about proofing methods if you are interested in self-publishing.

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