The perils of accidental plagiarism

In my original notes for my  novel Dragon's Bride the fairy queen was named Idora. It was a nice, solid fairy queen name, but I wasn't particularly fond of it.

Then one day I was writing a scene with her in it without my notes handy and couldn't remember what I named her, only that it started with "Id" so Idora morphed into Idriss. I realized that  I liked this name much better and rolled with it, changed all previous mentions to her to the new name and kept on writing.

Until today when I was browsing Pinterest and saw this clever little meme.

Note the name midway through.

Yeah, it had been over a year since I had watched "The Doctor's Wife." Apparently Idris had been fermenting in the back of my head since then and popped out when I tried to think of an "original" fairy queen name. So much for original. Adding an extra "s" on the end really doesn't help. So it is either back to "Idora" or back to the drawing board.


  1. A similar thing happened to me too, but with words and expressions instead of names. Have a lovely Sunday.

    1. All these ideas buzzing around our heads. Unfortunately sometimes they aren't our ideas.


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