When your co-writer is a cat and other NaNoWriMo Pitfalls.

Good news first, I'm slightly ahead of schedule. At this very moment my novel sits at 27,772. Unfortunately, I'm already hitting the midway slump. This is the part of the story that I haven't thought out as well as I should've. The time line is the main problem. I have two separate story lines which are moving at different speeds but need to be balanced.

Another issue is whenever I step away from my keyboard my cat decides to lend a hand. You can see some of his "work" above. This is the third time he has done this. I need to start shutting the laptop if I  am going to be away for more than a few seconds.

Some tricks I've found for keeping going:

  • If what I am writing isn't interesting to  me, I  write an aside, stop and describe something interesting, give a character a  joke.
  • Staying up late, which was my bread and butter last year, isn't working for me. I was only up until midnight last night, but since I've cut back on caffeine due to heartburn, this afternoon was incredibly "slumpy." I barely got any writing done at all.
  • Notepads, and I know I've  said this before, are invaluable. I've gotten so much done while watching the girls play in the yard or waiting at the doctor's office.
Anyway, health update, not too surprisingly they weren't too helpful about the majority of my symptoms, but they did give me something for the heartburn so I am hoping to get that under control. 

I'm still very happy with the little bit of editing I've been doing to clean up Dragon's Curse. The January release date is still looking plausible. 

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